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Tooth Extractions in Bay Ridge

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At Tiba Dental, our practice is devoted to keeping our patients’ teeth and gums healthy. We offer outstanding general, cosmetic, pediatric, endodontic and periodontal dental care. We are dedicated to preserving the health of your teeth and gums. However, as dental professionals we do recognize that sometimes, there is the need for tooth extractions in Bay Ridge.

Tooth Extractions in Bay Ridge
Tooth Extractions in Bay Ridge

Dr. Abdelhamed Tamara will do whatever can be done to preserve the original tooth, yet there are times when a patient will need to have a tooth or teeth removed. Should this be the case, Dr. Tamara is highly-trained in tooth extractions in Bay Ridge, and will carry out this procedure in a safe and pain-free way. Dr. Tamara makes sure that tooth extraction is pain free for his patients, and uses local anesthesia during this procedure. There are many different reasons why a tooth or teeth may need to be pulled. Sometimes a tooth is simply too badly damaged by decay to be repaired, and cannot be saved by root canal therapy. Other times, teeth are badly damaged by trauma to the tooth. Other situations that create a need for tooth extraction are: the mouth is too crowded and teeth need to be pulled to prepare for orthodontic work; there is a severe infection that cannot be corrected by root canal therapy or antibiotics; the patient has a compromised immune system; or, the gums are too badly damaged by gum disease to support the tooth any longer.

Wisdom teeth also may need to be extracted if they are impacted, or coming into a mouth that is already too crowded. If a tooth is impacted, Dr. Tamara will need to cut away gum and bone tissue that covers the tooth, and then use forceps to remove it. You will not feel any pain during this procedure, as Dr. Tamara will provide a local anesthetic to block any pain. When a tooth is removed that can be seen by others, or that played an important role in chewing, the patient may want to have the missing tooth replaced. This can be done through many means; one way is to get a dental implant. There are also other alternatives including getting fixed or removable bridges. Every case must be analyzed on an individual basis, in order to make sure that optimal treatment is provided; and that analysis is exactly what Dr. Tamara does. So if you need to have tooth extractions in Bay Ridge, or need to replace a missing tooth, call Tiba dental today to make an appointment with Dr. Tamara.

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