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Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn

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Cosmetic Dentist in Brooklyn

Here at Tiba Dental, our experts in teeth whitening in Brooklyn are here to give you the white, bright, dazzling smile that you deserve. Tooth discoloration happens to everyone. It is simply a part of the aging process, and we cannot deny it. The foods we choose to eat, the beverages we consume, and habits like smoking and using tobacco products only contribute to this inevitable change. Fortunately we do not need to accept these changes to our smile. We can fight against them, with services like our teeth whitening in Brooklyn.

Dentist in Bay Ridge
Dentist in Bay Ridge

The experts at Tiba Dental have two main teeth whitening options for you to choose from. You can opt for our in-office treatment, or you can choose to undergo the treatments at home. If you choose the in-office treatment, you will come in and we will apply a whitening gel to your teeth, with your lips and gums protected. We will then use light technology to activate the chemicals that work to whiten and brighten your teeth, seemingly instantly. The entire process is usually completed within just one hour, and you can see the results immediately after. If you are interested in a more gradual change, you might be more drawn to our at-home option. You will need to come in to Tiba Dental so that we can create a customized mouth tray for you, which ensures that the proper level of whitening chemical is used during each treatment. The tray and all other whitening materials, as well as a detailed set of instructions, are included in the at-home kit that we provide you with, to be used for several treatments over a period of a few weeks. The results are just as noticeable, but they develop over time in a more gradual fashion than if you were to choose the in-office option.

To learn more about our teeth whitening in Brooklyn or any of the other various dental services available to you here at Tiba Dental, be sure to browse through the additional information provided on our practice’s main website. Feel free to contact the staff here with any questions, comments, or appointment requests.

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