Sunset Park teeth whitening

Sunset Park Teeth Whitening

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Common causes of teeth stains in Sunset Park

Stained, discolored, dull teeth can leave you feeling awkward to show off your smile. The good news is that her at Tiba Dental, there’s something you can do about it. We even offer a choice. Have it done at our office, or take advantage of our handy take-home version instead.

The common causes of the tooth stains that plaque your smile are usually related to your personal habits, such as tobacco, which can easily make your teeth yellow or even brown with heavy usage. Both smoking and smokeless versions create the same degree of hazard, so don’t think that you’re safe if you vape. The beverages you drink play a role in the need for our Sunset Park teeth whitening, as well. Tea, coffee, red wine, and cola are all culprits. So are foods like berries, curry, soy sauce, and hard candy. Tetracycline, a common prescription medication, is also a known teeth staining source. And as you get older, your tooth enamel slowly wears down. The layer beneath it, the dentin, is not as white and bright. So it’s fair to say that your teeth lose their luster regardless of what you do or don’t do. The good news is that our Sunset Park teeth whitening is safe, quick, and lasts for a long time (from a year to as long as five years with proper maintenance). For the maximum in instant gratification, let our cosmetic dentist do it at our office. It only takes an hour or less. At home, you’ll wear our custom-fitted whitening trays instead. In as little as a single day, you can get noticeable results.

Our Sunset Park teeth whitening is exactly what you need to feel more confident about showing off your smile. Simply call our office and book an appointment with us right now.

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