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Invisalign braces in Sunset Park

Sunset Park Invisalign
Sunset Park Invisalign

Get orthodontic treatment with braces that no one can see. That’s just one of the benefits of our Sunset Park Invisalign. At Tiba Dental, we’re pleased to offer this excellent method for repositioning teeth.

For a long time, metal braces were the only way you could get straighter teeth. They are still in use today, because they work. However, if you like the advantages of our Sunset Park Invisalign, there is no reason that you can’t depend on them as much as you would with traditional metal braces. As mentioned earlier, the cosmetic edge is a big one. Just imagine, no one will be asking you nosy questions or making well-intentioned, but unwelcome comments. For some patients, the self-consciousness of wearing visible braces is a deal breaker. And with our Sunset Park Invisalign, they have a deal. Rather than braces, it’s more accurate to call them aligners. They are made out of clear plastic. Instead of impressions taken and sent to an outside dental lab, your aligners are made from digital photos, designed with 3D software, and milled with state-of-the-art machinery, all of it done at our office. You’ll get your aligners much quicker as a result. Each set is made to perform a very specific part of the whole process. Wear your first set, then after two weeks, remove them and put in the next set. Keep doing that on a two week schedule and in seemingly no time, your teeth will be realigned. There are no adjustments needed, so you only have to come every six weeks for a progress checkup. Your aligners should come out only to eat and to brush and floss. Otherwise, they stay in all day and night, even while you sleep.

Why wait? Thanks to Sunset Park Invisalign, there is no reason to not get the orthodontic care you’ve been needing. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

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