Sunset Park clear braces

Sunset Park Clear Braces

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As you might have surmised, clear braces mean ones that are not visible when you wear them. Their construction is of transparent plastic, the result being that you can go to work, school, and everywhere your day takes you without others knowing that you are having orthodontic treatment. That’s a plus that is worth considering, and not the only one associated with Invisalign. At Tiba Dental, we want you to have access to the most advanced options in dental care.

Aside from being invisible, what sets our Sunset Park clear braces apart from the traditional metal ones that are so familiar? For one thing, metal can lead to mouth soreness or irritation. Plastic will not do so. Metal braces are fixed. Once they are placed, they stay there until your teeth have been re-positioned completely. They do, however, get frequent adjustments. Our Sunset Park clear braces are removable. Just take out your current set after two weeks and replace them with the next in the series. You only have to come in at six week intervals to have a progress checkup. In all, you should expect to wear between 18 to 36 sets of aligners throughout your treatment, though this varies based on the severity of your teeth misalignment when you begin. Except when changing your aligners out, they should stay in virtually all day and all night. Remove them to eat, brush, and floss. Otherwise they should be at work all the time. More good news is found in the fact that there are no food restrictions like you would with metal braces. Enjoy all of your favorites, making your experience all the more positive.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment for a consultation and examination. You might find out that our Sunset Park clear braces are exactly what you want and need.

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