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Root Canal in Bay Ridge
Root Canal in Bay Ridge

When an infection occurs in the pulp of your tooth, the result can be intense pain, particularly when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth. Rather than simply extract the tooth and leave you with empty space in need of a replacement, you can gain the benefits of retaining your tooth with our root canal in Bay Ridge. At Tiba Dental, we’re experts in root canal. Our goal is to relieve you of your pain and ensure that you have a tooth that is still functional and whole. Some people fear root canal, but the procedure isn’t scary, particularly with modern techniques and equipment.
One of the many services that we offer our patients is a root canal in Bay Ridge.

When a tooth’s nerve has become infected, it is most often recommended to have a root canal. Decay and plaque buildup can cause cavities that can affect the teeth and cause severe infection or nerve issues. Symptoms usually include tooth sensitivity to cold or heat, swollen gums, tooth discoloration, and drainage or tenderness. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all, which is why it’s important to come in for a dental exam once a year. Root canal therapy is usually recommended to save the tooth and eliminate the diseased area. Once the injured pulp of the nerve is removed, the area is then cleaned and sealed. Root canal is a highly successful treatment that requires only a local anesthesia and a simple procedure. This allows the tooth to be saved and the need for bridges or dental implants is eradicated. During your root canal in Bay Ridge, we will make sure the procedure is comfortable and quick as we provide you with a relaxing environment.

For your root canal in Bay Ridge, we will use modern techniques and anesthetics so that there is no discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards, we will place a crown or restoration material over the tooth to protect it and your tooth will be restored to its fully functioning state, just like new! Call Tiba Dental today to make an appointment with our professional and competent dentist and get your mouth back to its best health today. Don’t let tooth decay get the best of you, if you suspect you have symptoms that indicate a root canal may be needed, come in for an appointment and we’ll be happy to help you.

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