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Gum Treatments in Brooklyn

Many people associate their oral health with their teeth, but they can sometimes forget that this includes the gums as well. When it comes to good dental and oral health, it is imperative that you take just as good care of your gums as you do your teeth. We here at Tiba Dental can help if you have any questions regarding gum health, if you need help preventing gum disease or if you need periodontal therapy or other gum treatments in Brooklyn.

Gum Treatments in Brooklyn
Gum Treatments in Brooklyn

Gum disease can be dangerous, so it is always best to keep an eye on your gums and their state of being. Early stage gum disease is also known as gingivitis, which can be characterized by red, tender, sensitive, and sometimes swollen and bleeding gums. Though gingivitis is fairly mild, it can quickly get worse and begin to cause damage. Thankfully, though, gingivitis is fairly easy to treat but it still helps to visit a dentist in order to find out how best do to so. Usually, when treating gingivitis you will need to come in for a thorough professional dental cleaning. You may also need to adjust your at-home oral hygiene regiment as well. But when it comes to more advanced forms of gum disease, you may need something more intensive. Here at Tiba Dental we can help provide such services as periodontal therapy and gum treatments in Brooklyn. As gum disease gets worse, the gums may begin to recede. Your gums may also form pockets along the gumline where plaque will accumulate and begin to eat away at exposed tooth and bone. Over time, gum disease can cause significant tissue and bone loss. To prevent this, we here at Tiba Dental can provide intensive root scaling and planing, gum reattachment surgery or even bone surgery.

If you believe you have gingivitis or more serious forms of gum disease, do not wait. Call us here at Tiba Dental so that we can administer the treatments that you need in order to preserve your gum and dental health. The sooner you seek gum treatments in Brooklyn, the more likely you will be able to avoid serious gum, tooth and bone damage.

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