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Pediatric dentist in Brooklyn
Pediatric dentist in Brooklyn

Can you recall the last time you and your child paid a visit to the dentist? First experiences are the height of excitement for children and parents alike, however, not all first experiences are so easily remembered in a young child’s life. While many of us many not recall dental visits in our early years, children still need to be seen for their first pediatric dental exam no later than age three. In fact, the earlier your son or daughter’s smile is examined, the healthier they will be. Fortunately, growing families can always find the care they need with their pediatric dentist in Brooklyn at the state of the art offices of Tiba Dental.

Parents can begin caring for their child’s smile at a much younger age than many of us realize. In fact, from the moment your son or daughter is born, you can begin to care for their growing mouths by wiping down the gum lines after feedings with a wet wash cloth or a damp piece of gauze. This simple act works to remove excess food before it can form as plaque on the gum lines. Healthy gums are the foundation of beautiful smiles. The moment your son or daughter grows their first tooth, usually around six months of age, it is time to book their first appointment with your trusted pediatric dentist in Brooklyn.

A child’s first dental exam works to insure jaw lines grow correctly, as well as monitoring the growth and health of primary teeth. While babe teeth will eventually be replaced, the health and growth of these first teeth is tantamount to the strength and position of the adult teeth while will one day replace them. By insuring these teeth grow into correct positions free of decay, your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn works to reduce the risk of bite problems later in life. Your dentist not only works to educate your child, but can also provide vital information to parents about pediatric dental care, and even when to begin breaking oral fixation habits, in order to insure young smiles grow up healthy and strong. With early preventative dental care for growing kids, parents can work to avoid many oral health problems before they even begin.

For the very best in childhood dental exams and cleanings, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood pediatric dentist in Brooklyn with Tiba Dental. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly caring for the smile of your local community for over a decade with the latest advancements in dental technology and procedure for gentle and effective oral health care. With regular visits to Tiba Dental, you can insure healthy and beautiful smiles for the whole family.

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