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Get Whiter Teeth in Brooklyn

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Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn

Get Whiter Teeth in Brooklyn
Get Whiter Teeth in Brooklyn

Teeth whitening is a very popular procedure these days and with good reason. No one wants to have dull, stained, or discolored teeth. The only question is, how is the best way to go about it? You may see products on the shelves of supermarkets and drug stores, all promising to give you whiter teeth. And while they might be somewhat effective, quite a few of them also contain abrasive ingredients that can end up damaging your precious tooth enamel. And you don’t want to sacrifice your dental health for whiter teeth. At Tiba Dental, you don’t have to. If you want to get whiter teeth in Brooklyn, we have two excellent methods that will handle the job efficiently, quickly, and most all safely.

There are several common causes for teeth losing their whiteness, mostly owing to personal habits. Tobacco is a major contributor to tooth staining, regardless of whether you smoke it or use smokeless versions. Foods and beverages that are know to be problematic include berries, soy sauce, curry, tea, coffee, and red wine. There are also medications, notably tetracycline, that discolor your teeth. But even when you remove all of those factors, there is one that simply cannot be avoided. Your tooth enamel naturally wears down as you age, revealing the less white tissue beneath. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can get whiter teeth in Brooklyn, either with treatments done at our office or with a convenient take home version.

When you come in for whitening, we use a professional grade solution that yields impressive outcomes very fast. You’ll notice a significant difference after just one session. The exact number of sessions you’ll need will depend on how discolored your teeth are at the outset and just how white you want them to be. The take home option allows you to get whiter teeth in Brooklyn and fit it into your busy schedule, without repeat trips to our office. It may take a little longer, but you’re still going to get results that will please you.

Just call us to schedule a consultation where we can work with you to determine which way to get whiter teeth in Brooklyn is most appropriate for you. A brighter and more attractive smile can be yours in less time than you probably thought.

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