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Family Dentistry Brooklyn NY

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Dental care for all ages in Brooklyn NY

Family dentistry Brooklyn NY
Family dentistry Brooklyn NY

Here at Tiba Dental, we pride ourselves on offering dental care for all ages. The needs of children differ from those of adults in some ways, and this includes overcoming their normal resistance to any doctor’s office. Our family dentistry in Brooklyn NY is the only practice you need for yourself and for your children.

One thing is the same, no matter how young or old our patient is: a twice-yearly visit for a complete oral examination, x-rays, and a teeth cleaning is one of the keys to maintaining healthy teeth that are free of decay, and long with strong, vibrant gums. Our family dentist will do a physical and visual inspection of the teeth and gums, fillings, and other restorations, as well as doing a periodontal evaluation. Yours or your child’s occlusion (bite) will also be checked. X-rays are essential for detecting cavities, in addition to other potential concerns such as cysts. And because our family dentistry in Brooklyn NY features digital x-rays, you will have the advantage of clearer images. Digital x-rays also expose you to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays do. Teeth cleanings eliminate any remaining plaque and tartar, setting you or your child back on the right rack to optimal oral wellness. Our office is also set up to be fun, welcoming, and free of anxiety. We want your child to develop the positive attitudes about dental care that will serve him or her well into adulthood. Our family dentistry in Brooklyn NY places fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and even dental implants (the state-of-the-art in full tooth restoration). We do teeth whitening right here or provide you with a simple take-home version. And orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign, is available for children and adults. Should a root canal or extraction be required, you can depend on it being done expertly and with very little or even no pain as part of the process.

Schedule an appointment for yourself or your child (or both). Call our office now. Dental care is too important to put off.

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