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Dentist in Bay Ridge

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Dentures in Bay Ridge NY

Dentist in Bay Ridge
Dentist in Bay Ridge

Many people lost teeth at some point in their lives, and no matter what the reason for the loss happens to be it is always important that you have your teeth replaced and restored as soon as you can. Doing so will not only improve your appearance but it will also restore your dental health. If you have missing teeth that need replacing, then consider visiting us here at Tiba Dental. Our dentist in Bay Ridge will look at the current state of your dental health and determine what sort of treatment options will work best in order to restore your smile, including dentures.

There are several types of treatments that our dentist in Bay Ridge may consider to when they need to restore a patient’s teeth, but it mostly depends on the precise needs of the patient as well as the nature of their current dental health. That is why we recommend that you schedule an appointment here with us at Tiba Dental for an initial exam and consultation. How many teeth you are looking to get replaced will also play a role in what dental devices and applications may be used in your restoration treatment. For patients who are missing most or all of their teeth, dentures are typically the best option. Dentures can be used to replace large sections of teeth, whether it is replacing an entire row or simply a portion of a row typically made up of a few adjacent teeth or more. Dentures are made up of artificial teeth that will be made to match any remaining teeth that you have and to suit your face in shape, size and color so as to create a completely natural looking smile. These teeth will then be set onto a base that resembles your gums in appearance so that they also look natural when placed in your mouth.

Here at Tiba Dental, our dentist in Bay Ridge will thoroughly examine your mouth, your remaining teeth and assess the state of your dental health in order to determine whether any other dental work will need to be completed beforehand and whether dentures are the right option for you.

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