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Dental office near 11209
Dental office near 11209

Taking care of your teeth and gums is a daily affair. It is necessary to brush, floss and rinse on a regular basis in order to fight off plaque and tartar as well as other harmful bacteria, but routine dental exams and checkups are an absolute necessity too. Here at Tiba Dental, our diverse and dedicated dental team can provide you with all of the exams and checkups here at ourĀ dental office near 11209 that you need on a regular basis to help preserve and improve your overall oral health.

There are plenty of benefits to scheduling dental checkups. Regular visits with our dentist, Dr. Tamara, can help when it comes to monitoring the health of your teeth and gums. Routine dental exams regularly check for any early signs of tooth decay or gum disease. If any symptoms are spotted, the condition can be treated right away or Dr. Tamara can recommend the necessary oral hygiene regiment changes you need to prevent a cavity or gingivitis. This preventative care can help eliminate the need for emergency dental visits when it comes to toothaches as a result of cavities, root canal infections, or serious gum disease. Dental checkups here at Tiba Dental at our dental office near 11209 may also include a thorough dental cleaning as well. A professional dental cleaning is recommended about once every six months or so. This cleaning can help eliminate more stubborn bits of plaque buildup and can significantly help improve your overall oral health. By planning frequent dental exams with your dentist, it also becomes easier to diagnose any latent issues, especially during their earlier stages. By visiting the same dentist on a regular basis, Dr. Tamara can use documentation from previous visits to compare current exam results with, making it much easier to spot small changes or developments.

If you are looking to schedule regular dental exams or checkups, look no further than Tiba Dental. Call us here at ourĀ dental office near 11209 to learn more about Dr. Tamara about all of the services that we can provide for you, and to schedule an appointment for you and your family today.

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