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Dental Checkups in Bay Ridge

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Why it’s important to have annual oral checkups

Dental checkups in Bay Ridge
Dental checkups in Bay Ridge

Can you remember the last time you had a complete dental checkup? Dental checkups serve many important functions and should not be overlooked. If you and your family need dental checkups in Bay Ridge, you will be very pleased with the expert and caring manner of our dentist at Tiba Dental.

Our well-liked and highly trained dentist is Dr. Abdelhamed Tamara. Dr. Tamara has been helping patients maintain excellent oral health for over 10 years at our Bay Ridge office. At our practice we offer services in a wide variety of areas including general, cosmetic, pediatric, endodontic and periodontal dental care. Our practice is state-of-the-art which allows our patients to be treated in a comfortable manner using the most modern techniques available. However, getting annual oral checkups remains one of the most important things patients can do to help ensure their dental health. Dental checkups are not only important for your health; they are cost-effective as well. For example, it is much easier to have a dental cavity filled when it is in its early stages, then to have a cavity develop and cause serious tooth infection which ultimately needs root canal treatment. The best way to ensure excellent dental health, and lower dental costs, is to be preventive in your and your family’s dental care with dental checkups in Bay Ridge.

During the initial part of our comprehensive dental exam, you will most likely have a series of x-rays taken. These x-rays will allow the doctor to see if there are any hidden cavities between teeth, or serious tooth problems developing. Our dentist will then physically examine your teeth for any additional signs of dental problems. He will want to know if you have been experiencing any dental pain which should be further examined. Our dentist will also review your entire mouth to make sure that you do not have any signs of oral cancer. He will check your bite to make sure that it is healthy, and check your teeth for any signs of teeth grinding. Teeth grinding not only can give you headaches and muscle stiffness, but it can also ultimately lead to serious tooth or bite problems. Finally, our dentist will check the health of your gums and make sure that they are not developing gum disease. If it is determined that you have gingivitis, a precursor of gum disease, he may well recommend that you have several regular dental cleanings to help get your gums back on the road to good health. If you would like an appointment for you or members of your family to come see us for dental checkups in Bay Ridge contact our office.

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