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People often forget the importance of checkups. Some individuals forgo routine examination is in favor of saving money and time. But what many people may not be aware of is the fact that routine examinations and checkups can help prevent the likelihood of developing problem is further down the road, which is certainly the case when it comes to dental exams. Our Bay Ridge dentist here at Tiba Dental Can easily provide your entire family with the comprehensive care you need every year.

It’s recommended by dentists and health specialists of like that people of all ages see their dentist for a routine examination and a checkup about twice a year or once every six months or so. Routine dental examinations can be more important than you realize. During these regular visits, our Bay ridge dentist here at Tiba Dental provides all patients with comprehensive preventative care that can go a long way to make sure that things like tooth decay and gum disease are less likely to occur. Additionally, during these visits, we use a variety of different dental tools in order to document your overall health and development, which can help provide information and data in the future. Additionally, we provide a number of other services in the event that you do have a dental problem, such as dental fillings, tooth extractions, dental caps and crowns, bridges and dentures, gum treatment, teeth whitening and much more.

It’s important that you see your dentist every year and not just in the event of an emergency. In fact, seeing your dentist for routine examinations and checkups can prevent the likelihood of dental emergencies in the first place. Whether you are due for a checkup or if you need any of the other dental services listed, feel free to visit our Bay Ridge dentist here at Tiba Dental.

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