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Dental Exam in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Dentist
Bay Ridge Dentist

Taking good care of your oral health is an extremely important part of living a healthy lifestyle and will help ensure that your teeth last a lifetime. Our Bay Ridge dentist at Tiba Dental believes that good dental care involves a partnership between each person and a high quality dental practice. Our practice strives everyday to offer the finest general, restorative, cosmetic and implant dental services in our state-of-the-art offices that feature the latest equipment and cutting edge technology to help preserve and protect your teeth. Our greatest asset is our people, our entire staff is highly trained and experienced and we are dedicated providing you with compassionate care in a stress-free environment.

Our Bay Ridge dentist stresses prevention as the best way to preserve teeth. Our practice has developed a preventative program that enlists the patient as the main provider of preventative dental care through the application of best practices in home care via daily brushing, flossing and the use of dental rinses. For our part the practice provides regular checkups with our doctor as well as semi-annual dental cleanings from our hygienist. During these cleanings our hygienist will scrape away the tartar and plaque from around and between the teeth. These are decay causing materials that regular brushing and flossing can’t remove. Our hygienist will also clean your gums of any debris and check for early signs of gingivitis, gum disease.

Regular checkups are an extremely important part of our prevention program. On your initial visit to our practice the doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination where he will check for any abnormalities in the jaw and facial structure, examine your bite, look for signs of decay or cavities, check for developing gum disease and any other oral health issues including screening for oral cancers. He will also conduct a digital radiograph examination to help pinpoint developing decay spots deep within the teeth and other problems that haven’t yet reached the surface of the tooth. It is important to treat tooth and gum problems before they get too advanced in order to preserve the teeth. This initial examination is also crucial because it serves as a benchmark of your mouth against which all subsequent checkups will be compared so that our doctor can detect any changes in your mouth. A comprehensive exam will be repeated every year so that our doctor can detect and treat any developing problems. Join our practice and see how we can protect your oral health together.

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