Bay Ridge dental office

Bay Ridge Dental Office

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Dentist in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge dental office
Bay Ridge dental office

Are you doing everything in your power to achieve and maintain optimum oral health? Give us a call at Tiba Dental to receive the information, preventative treatments, and compassionate teeth cleaning you need to maintain a healthy, brilliant smile. Your mouth will find solace at our Bay Ridge dental office!

At Tiba Dental, our team of highly trained and compassionate associates has been proudly offering top tier oral care for many years. We founded our practice on the principles of elite level patient care, exemplary aesthetic results, genuine compassion, and consistent integrity. We believe in building respectful and informative relationships with our patients, so that we can offer them the best possible care in an environment where clients of all ages feel welcome, comfortable, and empowered. Our state-of-the-art facility comes equipped with cutting-edge equipment and a staff trained in the most advanced techniques that the field of dentistry has to offer, enabling us to offer highly effective and virtually pain-free treatments to our patients; because we know you’re worth it! We offer a wide variety of services and products fit to treat the whole family including comprehensive dental examinations, preventive and hygiene treatments, cosmetic fillings, porcelain restorations, crowns and bridges, veneers, tooth whitening, periodontal dental care, extractions, root canal therapy, convenient scheduling, sleep apnea therapy, Invisalign, and many more. Are you taking the proper steps to combat oral disease? Call our office today to discuss receiving a dental exam at a Bay Ridge dental office who shares a genuine concern for the future of your chompers. By participating in the proper brushing, flossing, and fluoride habits and maintaining a routine schedule of hygiene and preventative treatments (we recommend one visit for every six months!), you can lower your risk of developing oral diseases.

To learn more about receiving top tier dental services, call our Bay Ridge dental office at Tiba Dental today!

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